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The Undernet User Committee (User-Com) is a group of users that volunteer their time to try to improve the Undernet. The committee covers a vast amount of territory, from educational classes and improving documentation to holding special events and helping people online. If you would like to put some effort into the network, or you have a suggestion that you think would improve the quality of IRC for everyone, don't hesitate to contact the committee at user-com@undernet.org. 

With such a large area to cover, the User Committee is split into smaller projects, allowing each project to focus on a specific area. Currently there are five ongoing projects in operation, and each week brings another new accomplishment, another task completed. If you are looking for more specific information, check out the list of projects below and see what's been happening.

The Documents Project Setting new standards in IRC documentation
The Newsletter Project Undernet news direct to your mailbox
The UserGuide Project The Undernet help and information channel
The Promotions Project Interviews, online events, and much more
The Class Project Teaching people about IRC in realtime
The Webmasters Project The Undernet website development team
The Undernet User Script Project The Undernet user script development team

The User Committee was formed out of the merger of the Public Relations Committee and the Documentation Committee on the 25th of August, 1997. By assembling so many talented and dedicated people into one large group, the new User Committee can be far more effective in achieving goals and turning proposals into real benefits for Undernet users. 

If you have a skill, an idea, a desire that you feel can change this network for the better, we want you to be a part of the User Committee. The group now stands at approximately 45 volunteers and is growing rapidly every day, and you can see a full members list on our members page. Then get involved in making the Undernet better for everyone, and e-mail user-com@undernet.org. See how you can help contribute to the community spirit that makes the Undernet the best IRC network!

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