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Documents Project Guidelines

The Documents Project is the part of the Undernet User Committee (User-Com),
responsible for creation and maintenance of official documentation for the Undernet IRC Network.


The project must maintain a list of all current official Undernet documentation. This must be up to date at all times.

Members of the project must work closely with any other concerned Undernet committees and may only work on documents,
which are owned by another committee -- with the express approval of that committee's coordinator.

The prime aim is to create and distribute clear and understandable documentation concerning the Undernet, IRC and any associated topics.


The User-Com coordinator will name a project leader, whose responsibilities will include ensuring that the website is updated and that the documents are completed. The project leader will also be responsible for preparing a monthly progress report and task list that will be presented to the User Committee.

If an issue arises that requires voting, all members of the list will have equal say.
The project leader does not vote; however, if a tie should occur, the project leader will cast the deciding vote.
In the event of a marked difference of opinion between the members of the project and the project leader,
the situation should be brought before the coordinator of the User Committee, who will have the final word in any decision.


Project members as a whole should seek to compose documents that are needed to benefit the Undernet community,
or to update those existing documents that are simply no longer current.
These should be posted to the mailing list so that the project leader can keep a list of work which needs to be done.

The project leader should post this list to the Documents Project's mailing list periodically and call for a volunteer,
who will then take on the responsibility for either writing or updating the document.

In all cases where a document is to be updated, the original author of the document should be contacted to see if he/she wishes to update it personally.

Should the volunteer find he/she cannot find finish the document, it is strongly encouraged that a replacement be found to complete it.

When a document is completed, it should be posted to the list or made available to the list members via some other method.
Providing there are no objections, the document should be placed on the Documents Project's website and Undernet Documents FTP site for user distribution.

All documents produced by members of the Documents Project will be copyrighted by the User Committee,
although full credit will be given to the document's author.

© 1997-2004 Undernet User Committee
This page was last updated October 8th, 2004
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