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What is the Documents Project?
The Documents Project, formerly known as Doco-Com, is responsible for creating and maintaining useful resource documentation for the Undernet community. Both new and experienced IRC users will find information here on everything from downloading an IRC client to explanation of the various protocols. It is our aim to make sure that these resources are kept current, and when a need for new documentation arises, it becomes a priority. The project is always interested in feedback from Undernet users and can be reached via e-mail at documents@undernet.org.
For an inside look into our structure and procedures, take a look at the project guidelines.

About the Undernet

Acceptable Use Policy (PHP or plain text)
This document specifies the rules and regulations describing what is and is not acceptable usage of the Undernet IRC network.
Undernet Chanfix (PHP or plain text)
This service creates a continuous dynamic database of channel operators, automatically reopping channels which lose channel ops.
The Undernet FAQ 2 (PHP or plain text)
This document answers frequently asked questions about the Undernet as compared to or with regard to other IRC networks.
Oper FAQ (PHP or plain text)
An FAQ explaining all about IRC Operators, what they do and who they are.
UnderCurrents (PHP)
This is the bi-monthly Undernet newsletter, a great publication which contains news, reviews and helpful tips about the Undernet to make your IRC experience better.
Undernet Servers list (PHP)
A frequently updated list of the Undernet servers to help you find the closest one to you.
K: Line and G: Line FAQ (PHP or plain text)
What K: lines and G: lines are, and what to do if you are affected by them. Also includes a list of server administrators' e-mail addresses.
Mailing list user Guide (PHP or plain text)
The Undernet mailing list guide.

Introductory IRC Documents

How to Connect to IRC (PHP or plain text)
A guide for first-time users of IRC on what program to use, how to connect to an IRC server, what it all means and stuff like that.
#Class Log (PHP)
A sample session from the User Committee's #Class Project, an online tutorial about IRC and the Undernet. Goes over the basics in an easy-to-understand format that is perfect for those new to IRC.
The Undernet FAQ 1 (plain text)
The answers to frequently asked questions about IRC, especially for ircII users. This extremely comprehensive document has been recently updated.
The Undernet Primer (PHP or plain text)
A document answering some frequently asked questions about the Undernet, registered channels, IRC ops, K-lines, mailing lists, and other resources the Undernet provides for users.
Lag and Netsplits FAQ (PHP or plain text)
An explanation of how lag and netsplits work and what happens when they do.
Undernet BotDocs (PHP or plain text)
A brief overview of bots and their various functions, the pros and cons of running a bot, and how to script your own. This newly updated version includes information about bots scripted in mIRC.
Quit Message FAQ (PHP or plain text)
An FAQ describing some of the quit reasons users may disconnect with, and what they mean.

Client FAQs

The official mIRC FAQ for users of the Windows IRC client mIRC.
Pirch FAQ (PHP)
The Pirch FAQ for users of the Windows IRC client Pirch.
Ircle FAQ (HTML)
The Ircle FAQ for users of the Macintosh IRC client ircle.

Technical Documents

Overview of CTCP and DCC (PHP or plain text)
An introduction to the CTCP and DCC protocols with some answers to frequently asked questions.
CTCP Protocol (PHP or plain text)
A technical description of the CTCP protocol used by clients to communicate information with each other for IRC client authors.
DCC Protocol (PHP or plain text)
A low-level description of the DCC protocol for programmers wishing to write IRC clients.
SNOMASK - Server Notice Masks (PHP or plain text)
This document (hopefully) gives a brief explanation of the use of server notice masks, new to ircu2.10.xx.
WHO - Server command usage (plain text)
This document gives an in depth explanation of the use of the server command WHO and its flags, new to ircu2.10.xx.
Home Networking - Fixing insecure proxies (PHP or plain text)
A document explaining good practice for a secure home network.

Historical Documents

History of the Undernet (PHP or plain text)
How the Undernet began - server links, delinks and mailing list discussions from day one to August 1993.
IRC Operators Manual (PHP or plain text)
An unofficial etiquette and command guide for IRC operators.
The Original IRC Manual (plain text)
Exactly what it appears to be. This is a document about the most fundamental IRC concepts. However, having originally been written for Unix users, it may be somewhat dry and more technical than the introductory documents listed above.
NoFlood (PHP or plain text)
An excellent resource on how to protect yourself from floods, nukes, and other denial of service attacks.

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