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SNOMASK - Server Notice Masks

Written by Ghostwolf (foxxe@wtfs.net) -- 18th June 1997
Modified with permission by loki (loki@undernet.org) -- 12th November 1997
Last Modified by Ghostwolf (foxxe@wtfs.net) -- 22 December 2000

These descriptions are current up to ircu2.10.11 alpha. The most current description of these values can be found in the ircu source code in the file include/client.h

This document (hopefully) gives a brief explanation of the use of server notice masks new to ircu2.10.xx. This mask allows clients to specify which types of server notices they will receive when usermode +s. The mask may optionally be omitted, and reasonable defaults will be used by the server.

*Note* the descriptions here will be best understood by those with knowledge of C syntax. We do not attempt to explain either this or hexadecimal values in this document and familiarity with these is assumed of the reader.

Usage: /mode <nick> +s [+/-][mask]

Mask Hex value Description
1 SNO_OLDSNO 0x1 /* unsorted old messages */
2 SNO_SERVKILL 0x2 /* server kills (nick collisions) */
4 SNO_OPERKILL 0x4 /* oper kills */
8 SNO_HACK2 0x8 /* desyncs */
16 SNO_HACK3 0x10 /* temporary desyncs */
32 SNO_UNAUTH 0x20 /* unauthorized connections */
64 SNO_TCPCOMMON 0x40 /* common TCP or socket errors */
128 SNO_TOOMANY 0x80 /* too many connections */
256 SNO_HACK4 0x100 /* Uworld actions on channels */
512 SNO_GLINE 0x200 /* glines */
1024 SNO_NETWORK 0x400 /* net join/break, etc */
2048 SNO_IPMISMATCH 0x800 /* IP mismatches */
4096 SNO_THROTTLE 0x1000 /* host throttle add/remove notices */
8192 SNO_OLDREALOP 0x2000 /* old oper-only messages */
16384 SNO_CONNEXIT 0x4000 /* client connect/exit (ugh) */
32768 SNO_DEBUG 0x8000 /* only applies to servers compiled in debug mode (NOT production servers) */


Examples of usage:

To receive only operkills, use:
/mode <nick> +s 4

To receive operkills and glines, add the values:
/mode <nick> +s 516 (512+4=516)

If you are already receiving some notices and you wish to add notices of netjoins/breaks use:
/mode Ghostwolf +s +1024

If you wish to stop receiving netjoin/break notices, but continue to receive other notices, use:
/mode Ghostwolf +s -1024 or
/mode Ghostwolf -s +1024

A user doing:
/mode Ghostwolf +s
will receive netsplits/joins, operkills, and g-lines.

Opers who are +s will additionally receive HACK notices and anything that was originally in sendto_ops() and wasn't changed. Only opers can choose to receive connect/exit notices and anything that originally was in sendtoreal_ops() and hasn't been changed (connect/exit notices also require a #define in config.h).

If you have further questions about server notices (implementation, etc.), please consult the ircu source code and/or e-mail coder-com@undernet.org.

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This page was last updated December, 22nd 2000
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