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Welcome to The Newsletter Project

The Undernet's Newsletter Project exists for the purpose of providing a means for UnderNet IRC Network users to benefit from the vast number of resources available within its structure and framework. With hundreds of thousands of users connecting from around the world, there exists a unique opportunity for those who seek information and knowledge already acquired by the base of users who frequent its many channels. 

"UnderCurrents" accepts article submissions from users who have experienced events and now may share the benefit of their knowledge with others. This may be in the form of hardware or software reviews, helpful tips with installation of devices and software, articles pertaining to social aspects and perhaps giving us a virtual tour of someone's own country, announcements of upcoming attractions and events which are designed to benefit certain groups of users, and in addition writings which not only list the services offered by the network, but also provide the "netiquette" to enable a user to feel comfortable and at ease while participating in channel chats and activities. 

We can easily be reached by sending mail to newsletter@undernet.org. Also, if you'd like to assist in this project in one of several ways, please do not hesitate to contact us and introduce yourself and give us an idea of your experience and qualifications as well as the areas in which you may be interested. We welcome anyone that has a genuine desire to help with this project.

About the User Committee

The Undernet User Committee is a group of users that volunteer their time to try to improve the Undernet. The committee covers a vast amount of territory, from educational classes and improving documentation to holding special events and helping people online. If you would like to put some effort into the network, or you have a suggestion that you think would improve the quality of IRC for everyone, don't hesitate to contact the committee at user-com@undernet.org.

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