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Newsletter Article Submission Guidelines:

- 1. Please supply a title for your article, your nick/pen name and your contact e-mail.
- 2. The newsletter is intended to be a familiar publication, so please refrain from submitting offensive content.
- 3. Articles are welcomed in plain text only and of the size of your liking.
- 4. Text enhanced, pictures, tables, etc. are not accepted YET. We are working to solve that.
- 5. Copyrighted material needs express authorization sent from the editor/publisher/holder of the rights directly to newsletter@undernet.org
      Failure to provide this authorization will result in the no publication of the article(s).
- 6. Articles are welcomed in english as primary language, but we may accept other languages also.
- 7. We will proofread your articles for spelling, grammar or other minor mistakes.
- 8. The newsletter does not guarantee that your article will be published.
- 9.. By submitting your article, you thereby agree with these rules.