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That's it folks! The logo contest held by the Newsletter project is now over. You can find below the submissions we received from you. By clicking on one of these, you will get informations such as its code #, the author and his/her e-mail.

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Logos have been optimized to fit in the gallery display, to obtain the original size of the logo, click on it.

We are now arrived at the votation part. The vote will be strictly reserved to the staff of the UnderCurrents to avoid many problems (however, it does not mean you can not comment the logos). The judges must declare several entries (3 at least): potential winners will be primarily elected then we will choose within the one selected, the ultimate winner.

Decision of the judges can not be contested. Final judging will be helped of an explanation of why and how they made the choice. The duration time might be from 1 to 3 weeks thus we would like you to be patient.