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Events in the IRC community

The Undernet Promotions Project is a group of volunteers devoted to bringing fresh, exciting events to the Undernet IRC network. Ranging from interviews to holiday specials, the Promotions project holds a wide variety of events throughout each year. The project also handles other tasks such as posting to newsgroups about upcoming events and replies to questions USENET users may have about Undernet. The Promotions project will assist other private entities in holding their own events by promoting the event and even help execute the event if help is needed.

Latest news: Undernet Chanfix Live Event

Recent Events

Undernet Chanfix

Compy, one of the head coders of Chanfix, was kind enough to be present to do this live event along with sprinkler to help the user's adjust to the new service.
Halloween Special A holiday special, detailing the origins of Halloween and several popular myths.
GNUWorld coders Interview An interview with Isomer and |MrBean|. Coders of the IRC services GNUWorld.
Dr. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz (NASA) An interview with Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, NASA Astronaut and Director of the Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center.
Undernet Anniversery Undernet celebrates its 10th Birthday with talks from the undernet founders and current staff
Userfriendly Interview An interview with Illiad. www.userfriendly.org webmaster and cartoonist
Brittney Cleary An interview with Britney Cleary. A new young music artist from USA.
A Decade of IRC A 10-year retrospect on the history of IRC as we know it.
St. Patrick's Day Special A satire on St. Patrick and various other St. Patrick's Day traditions.
Valentine's Day Special Covering St. Valentine and the origins of Valentine's Day.
Past Events
Harvest Special An event covering the origins of Thanksgiving and other harvest traditions.
Iain McCaig Interview An interview with Iain McCaig, Conceptual Designer of the upcoming Star Wars Prequel.
Jarkko Oikarinen Interview An interview with Jarkko Oikarinen, creator of IRC.
Carlo Wood Interview An interview with Carlo Wood, Undernet IRC Coder.
Soundoff with Netscape An open discussion with Michael Kaply & Dan Libby, who are in charge of the Netscape Communicator for OS/2 project.

The Promotions team is currently composed of about 5 individuals. A list of the members can be found here. If you would like to find out what you can do to help, email us and express your interest. We can always use a helping hand.

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