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<Moderator> Welcome to Undernet's first live event in a very long time! This afternoon we are pleased to present a very special chat event with Brittney Cleary.
<Moderator> Brittney is a young new artist who now is working on herfirst album called "It's a Girl Thing". Her single, "I.M. Me" is taking the Internet by storm. It's about chatting online using AOL I.M (AOL Instant Message).
<Moderator> There is a few rules for this event, first we will ask a few premade questions from the Undernet User Commitee, then we will allow all of you who is attanding to ask your questions.
<Moderator> The chat is mirrored in here from a secret channel to avoid you all sending her private messages
<Moderator> and flooding her. Your questions will be relayed to the moderator who will ask them for you.
<Moderator> This channel will be closed down, so you wont be able to part and rejoin the channel during this event. we will also prevent you from changing your nickname during the event.
<Moderator> To avoid this channel from beeing flooded in a way to sabotage this event, the channel will be set +m to prevent any of you to say anythign in the channel.
<Moderator> Undernet user commitee would like to say welcome to Brittney Cleary for taking her time to come and visit us and let us ask her questions and meet here on our favorite chat network.
<Moderator> Welcome :)
<Brittney Cleary> Hello!
<Moderator> We will start off with some pre-made questions :)
<Brittney Cleary> ok
<Moderator> If we tell you to give us a short (very short) resume about yourself , what will you say?
<Brittney Cleary> I started singing about a year and a half ago, And I got alot of attention that led me to Nashville,Tennessee were I Began vocal lessons, one thing led to another and i now have a record deal
<Moderator> Not many maybe have heard about you before, if you would describe you with a few words, what would those words be?
<Moderator> Who discovered you and can you tell us something about that?
<Brittney Cleary> im really sociable! i cannt live with out my friends! hehe
<Brittney Cleary> and i enjoy bein a kid
<Brittney Cleary> My nanny (grandma)
<Brittney Cleary> She took me out to karioke restaurants to sing...and people really enjoyed what they heard
<Moderator> What made you decide to become a singer? Is that something you always wanted to be?
<Brittney Cleary> yah, i wanted to always be a singer since i was really little, but i didnt get really serious about it untill my nanny took me out to sing.
<Moderator> How did you feel with your first performance?
<Moderator> nervous? :)
<Brittney Cleary> i loved being infront of a crowd, and the more the people, the more fun it is
<Brittney Cleary> nah
<Moderator> Do you beleive that you will become a new Britney Spears?
<Brittney Cleary> i dont get nervous, i jus wanna make sure i guve a good show
<Brittney Cleary> I sure as heck hope so
<Brittney Cleary> lol
<Moderator> :)
<Moderator> How do you feel with all this success , at this young age?
<Brittney Cleary> feels really cool, i hope it goes on for a long time
<Moderator> have your career changed you in any way?
<Moderator> Still got time for homework? ;)
<Brittney Cleary> It has made me become more disciplined. I have to take advantage of my free time.
<Moderator> What do you do at your free time?
<Brittney Cleary> yes i do still have time for home work
<Brittney Cleary> Go to the movies, mall, Nashville shores, hang out
<Moderator> Do you think you career , will make you be less interested at school?
<Brittney Cleary> no, I like school alot, education is a important to me and i get to see all my friends.
<Moderator> What's the best singer(s) you like and why?
<Brittney Cleary> shania twain-shes got it all
<Moderator> How come you decided to sing about AOL I.M.? do you chat online alot?
<Brittney Cleary> yes all the time! when im not i.ming, i have a "away message" on so i can still be on but tell people im away
<Moderator> What is your feeling about the song "I.M.Me"? Will your new songs be the same way/style?
<Brittney Cleary> Umm i like that song alot, it willl be released on August 21st. The album will be pop too. and it will be released some time in October/November.
<Brittney Cleary> 2001
<Brittney Cleary> were really excited about the album!
<Moderator> How have your friends reacted about you releasing a CD? will they all run and buy it?
<Brittney Cleary> hehe hope so : - D
<Brittney Cleary> yeah everyones really excited about it
<Moderator> What advices would you give to other girls who wants to become famous singers?
<Brittney Cleary> Just work ur hardest at it and keep at it!
<Moderator> ok :)
<Moderator> Now we will take some user questions
<Brittney Cleary> mmk
<Moderator> but first we will open the user channel and let users who wants in a chance to get in again
<Brittney Cleary> ok
<Moderator> we will wait anothe rminute.. users who got disconnected before is still rejoining the channel :)
<Brittney Cleary> ok
<Moderator> ok..
<Moderator> Now it is time for all of your questions. To as your question to Brittney you do this: "/msg #LE-Questions your question here". This question will be filtered by a few moderators, please do only ask your question once, and keep them in a civil manner.
<Moderator> If you would flood or in any other way try to ruin this event for the other - you will become disqualified from asking any more questions.
<Moderator> We can not quarantee that your question will be asked, maybe several ask same question or someone has asked a simular question.
<Moderator> some users tried to ruin everythign right away so we will wait a few more minutes.
<SolarPup> What is it like to be this young and gaining popularity? What do your close friends think about it?
<Brittney Cleary> its really cool, my friends are all happy for me :-)
<LexTbomb> What do you think about IRC - compared to AOL IM?
<Brittney Cleary> lol its different, but i gotta use it more, this is the first time
<C0der> hi, you didn't answered the Q before. About the carreer of britney spears do you want 1 just like her ?
<Brittney Cleary> i would love to have her success...only in my own way-just being me
<Simba--> Do you still live at home ? or do you travel allot
<Brittney Cleary> Both hehe
<L|ghtning> If you don't mind answering, how did your career change your education? Did you became a better/worse student?
<Brittney Cleary> i think i've become a better student, because its helped me to stay focused
<Brittney Cleary> and disciplined
<emkie> will you come to germany ;)
<Brittney Cleary> of course! id love to! i cannt wait untill i can!!!!! :-D
<Brittney Cleary> i have alot of fans that write in from Germany!
<Sinistra> Did you grow up in Nashville How do you like living in nashville?
<Brittney Cleary> I grew up in Albany, New York, And I've been in Nashville just about 1 year.
<bug2000> Do u like dogs?
<Brittney Cleary> hey you all can check out my web site at www.brittneycleary.com
<jynxd> What other states do you travel to?
<Brittney Cleary> Oh i forgot to say... I love Nashville~~~~
<Brittney Cleary> !!!*
<Brittney Cleary> All over the East coast right now!
<`Z> will u do another job instead of singing,if will,what kind?
<Brittney Cleary> If my singing career doesn't work out, i really would love to be a hair and make-up artist!
<b0ld> why choose aol instant messanger when there's icq and yahoo messanger?
<Brittney Cleary> For all the people in france, my song I.M me, will be sent out in the speak easy mag. that goes to the schools.
<Brittney Cleary> Umm my brother started using aol instant messanger, and I just no that one the best right now. Right now I think its the best for me, and all my friends use it
<jynxd> Who or what inspired you for this career?
<Brittney Cleary> Shania Twain, J-Lo
<L|ghtning> Do you plan to expand your career to the television?
<Brittney Cleary> absolutly, If im givin the oppurtunity, Im getting ready for my video, and I did a feature with the Hallmark channel, which is a national tv channel in the USA.
<laurean> do you listen to any other kind of music like... let's say house or trance?
<Brittney Cleary> I listen to country, pop, rock, and etc.. if it sounds good i listen to it. I love all kinds of music.
<TjMarshal> Brittney, what celebrities have you met since you became popular?
<Brittney Cleary> Lots of them, to name a few~Jimmie Fadden (from the "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" Hes step father to one of my best friends) Vince Gill, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Lorrie Morgan, Sammie Kershaw
<Deleted> Brittney, since you got a record deal, do you find your record lable tries to force you into writting songs they think will take off, or did you have creative control over your record?
<Brittney Cleary> Not as much creative control as I wanted, but I did choose most of my material. I think on the next ablum I have a lot more creative control.
<filler> Do you believe in true love?
<Brittney Cleary> Im only 13, I hope theres such a thing as true love.
<Deleted> How do you feel about mp3's, and sharing services such as napster, does she promote the use of them?
<Brittney Cleary> I like napster alot! I download songs off it all the time! i think my record lable has a diffrance of opinion. lol
<Season`d> Pepsi or Coke ?
<Brittney Cleary> dont forget to check out my website! www.brittneycleary.com
<Brittney Cleary> umm pepsi! hehe
<Moderator> ok.. i think we will end it there, you got anything more you want to say to the chatters on undernet irc network?
<Brittney Cleary> Thank you for coming!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!! Dont forget to call the radio stations a request my song I.M me! ;-) thank you buh bi!
<Moderator> Ok, thats all for this event, we thanks Brittney for comming here to chat with us, you can visit her website at www.brittneycleary.com. On the site you can read about her and listen to her song "I.M. Me". And look out for her new CD in the stores when it is ready.
<Moderator> Thank you all for attending, have a nice evening to all you americans, and goodnight to all of you europeans.
<Moderator> Don't forget to check www.undernet.org for feuture upcomming Live Events from the undernet user commitee.

Check out the song "I.M ME" By following this link

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