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Moderator: Welcome to #OS/2! Tonight we are hosting a Soundoff With... Netscape event! Our guests tonight are Dan Libby and Michael Kaply of the Netscape Communicator for OS/2 Project team. For the event tonight the channel will be moderated.
Moderator: We would like to thank our Guests tonight for agreeing to come to this forum. Would either or both of our guests like to make an opening statement, after which we will ask for questions from those in attandence.
Moderator: Michael?

Dan: Hi all.

Michael: I'll start
Michael: I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out...
Michael: rest assured, despite anything you have heard, we are actively working on Netscape Communicator for OS/2.

Moderator: Dan, care to make a comment?

* danda is actively working, U2play just goes to concerts.... <g>

Michael: I will try to answer all of your questions, but for obvious reasons I might have to occasionally throw in a NO COMMENT :):)
Michael: Any comments dan?

Dan: Comments? Not really. I think we are making good progress.

Moderator: Our Moderators tonight are tandie, drumpig, egon and kzin. If you have a question for our guests tonight, /msg one of these people and they will ask our guests your question. The event, in this "interview-like" fashion assures for a smooth dialog.

Michael: All right, then lets take questions

Question: *Ice63* Will you meet the IBM proposed goal of one web year (90 days) after the Windows version?
Michael: We have publicly stated that we are working toward a third quarter ship date.
Michael: Based on the math, that would be within a web year :)
Michael: You will certainly see a beta in that time frame
Dan: ..and a screen shot very soon. a REAL one. :)

Question: *Moldavia* Will there be any improvements, or new features in the OS/2 version over the Windows version?
Michael: We are trying to at least have the OS/2 specific features that were in 2.02 ....
Michael: such as speech, and additional drag and drop.
Michael: We have some other ideas on some OS/2 specific improvements,...
Michael: but I can commit development people to those, I can't identify them.
Michael: We are certainly trying to make the OS/2 version better

Question: *Stryder* Is it true that IBM has exerted considerable pressure to debundle the communicator portion from the OS/2 release ?
Michael: That's a very sensitive topic, and I will dance around it as best I can.....
* danda dances also.
Question: danda :)
Michael: There certainly has been discussion of unbundling the browser, but as it stands, my plan of record is to produce Netscape Communicator for OS/2....
Michael: If I am told to just do the broewser, I will just do the browser...
Michael: That's all I can say right now

Question: *Stryder* How badly did the departure of Warnett affect the timetable/feature set of the release ?
Dan: Martin was a valuable member of the team, but his departure did not affect the timetable to my knowledge.
Michael: Dan is correct

Question: *Desp* Will there be integration with the OS/2 desktop in version 4?
Michael: We will have at least the same level of integration as 2.02 and Windows...
Dan: Integration like IE integrates with Win*? No.

Question: *os2hq* Okay, how much will Com/2 cost? Upgrade discount for current Nav/2 users?
Michael: I can't comment on any pricing issues

Question: *BamaFan* How much of the development effort is being done by IBM...
Dan: the team is made up of a majority of IBM members and a few of us Netscaper's (4 at present)
Dan: Mike, how many IBM'ers?
Michael: i think 6, plus some contractors
Dan: Everyone works together though in one area. Company distinctions are mostly irrelevant.
Michael: Either way, it is definitely a joint effort

Question: *Le_Barman* Does the fact that there's no MSIE/2 allow you to take more time, to do a better job?
Michael: Our timetables are based on windows timetables combined with quality
Michael: Out goal is to put out a comparable windows product with as high as quality as possible. Not having competition doesn't affect that

Question: *Matinee* Could netscape release an API kit like webex which allows you to implement a browser view within a client window?
Michael: What WebEx does is pretty cool, but unless a browser were desidnged from the ground up to do that, it wouldn't be practical....
Michael: we understand the requirement, and it is on our list
Dan: I doubt a "browser in a window" API is technically feasible at this point but may be in the future. There are no plans that I am aware of.
Dan: Although I can certainly see that it would be nice for OS/2 developers. There are probably some legal issues...

Question: *young* has dumping OpenClass netted the program any speed gains? Will C/2 use it's own Java runtime?
Michael: dumping openclass has defnitely helped speed....
Michael: Although openclass is a very powerful set of tools.
Michael: As far as java goes, I can't discuss that right now. I can say we will have java :)

Question: <Ice63> Do you know if there will be later versions of Netscape/2 (4.01, etc.)
* danda was lagged for a bit.
Michael: Well, since Netscape is already at 4.02.... :)
Michael: We will probably ship at the 4.02 level

Question: *Le_Barman* Will Communicator be same priced as other platforms version? Or will we have the browser free, since IBM seems to have given up on WebEx for Navigator? Why didn't you made a Navigator/2 before? Does Netscape think than OS/2 donn't worth it?
Michael: I can't comment on any price issues. Sorry.

Question: *Egon* is the issue of NS/2 not being able to be closed (either with a process killer such as Process Commander or Watchcat) being addressed?
Michael: Egon, we were not aware of that problem, so no

Question: *Desp* Are there plans to have NS/2 available from the mail NS download page? (Thus allowing better visibility for the platform)
Michael: desp - we are working to make it available from the netscape pages

Question: *Sentience* Where should we be watching for news on the upcoming betas and screenshots?
Michael: Sentience - the best place to watch is the netscape unofficial home page - http://home.netscape.com/people/danda
Dan: I will also post anything significant on my page: http://people.netscape.com/danda

Question: *Korig* Are there any plans to add a WebMap like in WE to netscape/2?
Michael: Korig - no plans for a web map currently. History is much improved though
Dan: The History list in Communicator should provide most of the functionality of WE's Webmap.

Question: *fonz_* Question: Are you guys leaning away from using OCL? If so, how hard is it to sync development with the other platforms?
Michael: fonz - we are not using OCL. We have invented ways to keep us synced with the other platforms and currently it is working very well
Dan: for u 2: U should clarify that we are not using it in 4.0. OCL WAS used in 2.02.
Michael: Thanks dan

Question: *Scanner2* why does Netscape/2 see transparent graphics as black backgrounds? when I turn off the color pallette option the transparent graphics are transparent but the colors are all funky.
Michael: scanner2 - I don't have enough info on that problem. We had some transparency problems with two color bitmaps

Question: *BlizArd* I read in Info Week in May that MCI is using about 2000 OS/2 clients on their intranet running WebEx...do you know if they have switched to NS/2?
Michael: blizard - I have no info like that. But I am jotting it down :)

Question: *fonz_* Question: Are you guys leaning away from using OCL? If so, how hard is it to sync development with the other platforms?
Michael: already answered

Question: *Ice63* Sorry for being so stubborn, but do you mean Q3 for the beta or the final?
Question: (in followup to the 1st question of the soundoff)
Michael: ice63 - I am not going to be that specific :)

Question: *KoolAde* my question is if it based on windows timetable why do we not have a beta already
Michael: KoolAde - the windows product was/is a moving target. We had to pick points in time to sync with it.
Michael: Because of this, we are off from their timetable

Question: *fonz_* What's the job market like at Netscape? Do they have a stock option plan, just in case they become like another Microsoft? :)
Dan: yes, there is a plan. Don't think we are THAT optimistic yet though.
Dan: ...well maybe some of us.

Question: *Awake* Will Communicator/2 retain the ability to use windows 3.1 plugins? will the seamless.dll problem be fixed?
Dan: C/2 should use Win plugins. seamless fix? Mike?
Michael: Yes, Comm will support windows 3.1 plugins....
Michael: Seamless fix might be in the new plugin pak released a couple weeks ago

Question: *Pendragn* question: Will the type ahead from the windows version be included?
Michael: I will check on that

Question: *Hotdan* Will Com/2 include a modem dialing app similar to the one included with 3.0 gold for Windows?
Michael: No to the dialing app

Question: *Kryton^* How do I get the 128 bit version?
Michael: 128 bit version of 2.02 or Communicator?

Question: *Matinee* what are the RAM requirements like (roughly) for the new version? In netscape 2.01 for Windows even if you switch load graphics off it still loads some background images - are pages *completely* graphics free with v4? (sorry, various reasons cannot check here)
Michael: Ram requirements have not been determined yet. They should be similar to windows
Michael: I believe the image problems have been fixed. Note however that if an image is in cache, it is loaded even though loading images is turned off

Question: *Korig* Is there competition between those working on the OS/2 and those working on the windows versions of the netscape products?
Michael: no competition. we are working together

Question: *DSOMber1* How will encryption be handled especially for international customers? Any support for the SET protocol?
Michael: As you know netscape has been given permission to export 128 bit encryption.
Michael: The only exception to that is France
Michael: No info on the SET protocol

Question: *Korig* Is Netscape/IBM encouraging products such as RealAudio to be ported to OS/2?
Michael: We are definitely trying to get people to port to OS/2. RealAudio has been an uphill battle, though, and I don't think you will see it happen

Question: *Stryder* Are you viewed as renegades from the rest of Netscape due to the platform you work on ? IE do you have the *FULL* support of all of the Netscape Corp ? How long is the agreement between IBM and Netscape for and thus likely to produce new versions ?
Michael: We are not considered renegades. We participate actively in their meetings and we are acknowledged as a platform just like anyone else. Come on, they have a Linux version :) :)
Michael: I can't comment on contractual agreements though

Question: *Eduardo_* will Com/2 has realtime extenstion so thatI couldrun my microbrewery from it?
Michael: Not sure how you would do web brewing :)

Question: *JoeAdmire* I want to follow up to the question about the bug where NSN/2 won't properly shut down. I have a direct interest in that bug, since it bit me just tonight. It seems to be connected with Java - and I'm astonished that nobody at netscape seems to be aware of the problem, by the way. Do you know what the current status is of IBM's efforts to bring Java support in OS/2 up to the current standard - I don't know if it's 1.2? and Why not Fr
Michael: I have not heard of this problem, it has not come in through our defects...
Michael: as far as Java, IBM has released a beta of Java 1.1 and it is being updated
Michael: continuously
Michael: Not sure what the question is in there...

Question: <Abraxas> Are there any plans to incororate PGP suuport into Navigator?
Michael: 4.0 does support SMIME and vcards and stuff, I know of no specific things pertaining to PGP
Michael: France has laws specifically prohibiting some encryption types. For instance SMIME is disabled in the french version

Question: *DeBolle* We all know it's much easier to program for different OS's from a common base and port it, did you use much from the Windows-base for OS/2 or is it entirely different? You just said you weren't aware of the 'not closing' problem. Are there bugreports Is there anything you would like to tell about the project that isn't mentioned here already?
Michael: I'll start with the bug thing....right now, we have a few 2.02 bugs that we will address if necessary.
Michael: I am trying to avoid 2.02 development at this point
Michael: As far as the porting question, we are certainly trying to keep a common codebase with the windows version, because that makes our lives easier...
Michael: we have developed ways to leverage the windows code as well as create a very os/2 specific version
Michael: and Open32 is not one of those ways

Question: *Rijn* Will there be a NetCaster for OS/2? How is support for NetCaster/2 going?
Michael: I see no technical reason why Netcaster will not be available. It is Java based. WE are not, however, at a point where we are testing it

Question: *os2hq* Based on my use of W95 with MSIE at work, MSIE can't download more than one file at a time, whereas Nav/2 has done 3 simultaneous here, while checking mail & playing a game. When will you guys do some kind of shootout comparing these for the public???
Michael: I'll keep that in mind for my demos :)

Question: C: *JoeAdmire* Not really a question, but I would like to point out that if the not-closing problem (which you say you are not aware of) has not been addressed to date in 2.02 should turn up in Communicator/2 as well, you are going to hear a *lot* about it from users. Please do look into this problem.
Michael: I disagree with that statement. You should NOT expect to see 2.02 problems in Communicator
Dan: egon: what is the not closing problem? anyway, I'm sure you will see all NEW and IMPROVED bugs in Comm/2. ;)
Question: what occurs is that NS/2 will hang or lockup and it will NOT close unless you reboot...
Question: *JoeAdmire* Please tell Danda that the not-closig problem is something that often turns up when Java is enabled and the browser freezes and won't shut down
Question: completely (I get a "exit in progress"/"exit T1" message in Watchcat) and it won't close down until you reboot, as you just said
Question: danda: I can't reproduce the problem at will BUT it does happen quite often
Dan: Egon: so will other PM apps. Can you reproduce this problem? Dan: I can say that 4.0 is not based on 2.02 code, therefore it most likely will not have the same exact problems.
Michael: And again, since communicator is using a totally different codepase than 2.02, the same problems shouldn't exist in both

Question: *Ice63* Are rumours than NS 5.0 will be written in Java true?
Michael: Netscape has stated that they will have a pure java browser in the 5.0 timeframe

Question: *Le_Barman* Will C/2 be less memory-hungry? 12mb RAM requirement seems a bit abusive.. How about implementing a "remove currents frames" option thingie, for when some bad html got us stuck with some frames from a previous page?
Michael: We are actively working with performance to reduce our memory requirements
Dan: 2.02 had a remove frames. Just drag the desired page onto the Netscape icon. BTW, that was an OS/2 only feature.

Question: *RudMan* Can you give us an idea of the estimated size of C/2 ? Will C/2 run on the largest current OS/2 platform, v2.11?
Michael: It should be about the size of the windows version, and I don't have those numbers
Michael: We have not received requiremtns to run on 2.11

Question: *os2hq* Gotta go, but THANKS for making Nav/2 the Absolute Best Browser. TTYL!!

Question: *Wobbly* When Communicator/2 gets released, will it be maintained at the same level as the windows product at the same time, or will there be an ongoing delay for the OS/2 product?
Michael: We believe our release dates will get to the windows version once we ship our first version

Question: *Korig* could you ask whether java & frames will be more reliable in the new version of netscape/2 ? Does netscape have any sort of idea how many people are using their netscape/2 product?
Dan: People using it - I don't know. Mike, does IBM have any download #'s?
Michael: Unfortunately, we don't have numbers on users of 2.02 for OS/2

Question: *DynoMutt* how about a feature which would append "www." and ".org/.net" to a sitename entered on the URL line if ".com" doesn't work?
Michael: dyno, sounds like a good idea. i'll put that one down

Question: *Rijn* Will Communicator/2 be cancelled when Communicator goes 100% pure java?
Michael: Although netscape is working on a 100% java client, they have not said that they are discontinuing their windows version
Dan: Kzin: Unknown. Regardless, Communicator will run on OS/2 either way.

Question: *KoolAde* any idea some of us were late when we will see C/2 as a beta
Michael: All I will say is 3rd quarter
* ForU2Play dances

Question: *Guardian_* will we have any juicy plugins like windows versions?
Michael: You need to encourage plug-in developers to develop for windows.
Michael: Harass them :)
Dan: U mean develop for OS/2, right mike?
Michael: Thanks dan :)
* ForU2Play checks his fingers and tries to figure out why they typed windows

Question: *Astral* In the spirit of Windows compatiblity, will left mouse drag & drop support be added?
Michael: We are investigating the possibility of having this configurable

Question: *Korig* Are there plans to add a No-Cookie option to the security/preferences page?
Michael: Comm 4.0 has a no cookies option
Dan: kzin: That option exists in Communicator already.

Question: *JimJ* When will Netscape include support for Java 1.1.x?
Michael: I can't common on future netscape/java product plans
* danda can comment.... but then I'd have to kill you all!

Question: *Awake* who can we contact at realaudio to harass for a plugin? :)
Michael: I'll get a name for you

Question: *Dirac* Why have you chosen not to use Open32? Speed?

*** Signoff: ForU2Play (Dodo .gz.) [18:53:02]

Moderator: Intermission!
Dan: Mike OpenChat died. Mine will in 3-4 mins.
Dan: err, Mike's
Moderator: Can we call a pause for a few while foru2play rejoins? (openchat timer)
* Drumpig let's out the danceing bear's for intermission entertainment.
* danda will rejoin now then too.

*** Signoff: danda (Leaving) [18:54:00]

Moderator: u will find your washrooms to the right, to your left is the snack bar.
Moderator: our guests will return momentarily
Moderator: in the meantime, prepare more questions for them

*** ForU2Play (~mkaply@h-205-217-234-13.netscape.com) has joined #OS/2 [18:54:44]

Moderator: k intermission is almosot over get back to your seats.

*** danda (~danda@h-205-217-234-30.netscape.com) has joined #os/2 [18:55:47]

Moderator: ok, back to the fun...

Question: *Rijn* Will there be a Communicator/2 Professional? we are good at Harassing! <VG> will ISP's be able to sell Communicator/2 also? I'm interested I'm a ISP manager.
Michael: No current plans on pro
Michael: I need more info on the ISP thing

Question: *foru2play* what more info you need on isp thing?

Question: *Remei* What other projects does Netscape have for OS/2 other then NSC/2?
Michael: Again, I can't comment on any other OS/2 projects, just my own :)

Question: *KoolAde* why are we having to wait untill the third quater that seems like we are waiting almost a year behind the windows product
Michael: you are actually only waiting three months :)

Question: *young* will c/2 have the html editor built in.
Dan: yes, HTML editor will work for HTML and for mail.

Question: *DSOMber1* A different question. How can the OS/2 community help you (Netscape)? What can we do to help in the development of Netscape/2 and Communicator for OS/2?
Michael: There are a few thing...
Dan: create plugins!
Michael: I have to tell you guys that some of the trashing of us personally and our product is a real bad thing for morale
Question: send then a fruitbasket....
Dan: fruitbaskets are ALWAYS appreciated. Donut baskets also!!!
Michael: We are working our butts off here :)
Michael: Secondly, even though it seems like the normal support channels don't work,
Michael: we do get feedback from there, so please try to send bugs there instead of two dan personally....
Michael: E-mal should only go to dan when you want to spam him

Question: *RealBrad* does he mean "third quarter" of *this* year? :)
Michael: third quarter this year (i.e. - by the end of august)

Question: *Korig* Do you (danda and foru2) use OS/2 on your home machines? (Do you know if others on the netscape/2 team do/don't use it at home)?
Dan: I use OS/2 on my home machine and have for years.
Michael: I do use OS/2 on my home machine as do many members of the team
Michael: I also have to use windows for a number of things

Question: *JoeAdmire* ForU2Play: welcome to the wonderful world of OS/2 software development, where no user is *ever* satisfied. :D

Question: *Rijn* Will there be petition be made on the Unofficial Netscape site for Plug'n support?
Dan: A petitiion is not a bad idea, I will look into it.

Question: *Steve_UK* will Communicator come with Netscape Conference, as per '95 version? :)
Michael: Currently, we are not doing conference. There are many technical reasons for this, mostly because it does not use Netscape technology

Question: *Anonymous* Will C/2 alow the multi user's as in the winblows version?
Dan: I believe so. Mike?
Michael: yes. That's what you were fixing today, dan

Question: *MHA1* The 3rd quarter ends Sept - your "ie - by end of August" could be misinterpreted. <g>
Michael: oops, I meant september
Michael: end of august for beta
Michael: I forgot a month
Michael: I have been working too hard :)

Question: *mandie* I have 2 questions... may I use quotes from this session in an EA column?
Michael: mandie, what is EA?
Question: *mandie* Extended Attributes..the magazine published by POSSI
Question: *mandie* OS/2 mag that is :)
Michael: Sure mandie, as long as you don't mention my name...seriously though, could you run the quotes through me first to make sure they are not taken out of context?
Question: *mandie* foru2play: ok, thx :)

Question: *mandie* 2. Will Comm/2 be ready for debut by Wapstock Oct 25, 26?
Michael: I don't base my dates on Warpstock :)

Question: *Kzin* Will you add replacable animated icons to change that N/comet anim you have? If not. please consider (html replacement or not) (if you want a sample of the Webex way, I'll send it to you :)
Michael: OK, there will be no way to replace the icon from a web page, but netscape has the ability for a user to replace his/her own persoanl animated icon...
Michael: I understand the webex way, and if they had perhaps standardized that or sent it through a commitee, that would be ok, but the syntax itself is basically a hack

Question: *UncleGrim* I don't know if anyone asked this, but will NC/2 be free as was NS/2 or will we be charged for it?
Michael: I can't comment on price

Question: *Acid_Joe* Q. Do you see Java as becoming the language for OS/2? Will future development of OS/2 products be contingent on the success of Java?
Michael: I definitely see java as playing a huge role in the future of OS/2.

Question: *Awake* I may have missed it if it was given...what was the name of the person at Realaudio to harass about a native realaudio plugin?
Michael: I don't have a name for realaudio yet. Just send notes to their main address for now

Question: *ZerosKewl* are you using the IBM Open Class for development of Communicator/2?
Dan: egon: no. that has already been answered.
Michael: No openclass is being used for Communicator for Os/2

Question: *Warlocke* Will Comm/2 address the socksified IP stack problem that NS/2 has?
Michael: I need more info on the socks problem

Question: *ShadowM0* Can you comment on the possibility of a future version of Netscape which is itself written entirely in Java? Will this help bring the release dates for various platforms closer together?
Dan: I believe it would bring the release dates closer yes. Possibly concurrent.

Question: ForU2Play: how/what URl's are selected to be stored in that history pull down , and can u delete them from there
Michael: The history pulldown is basically where forward and back will take you. You can't remove items from them. Communicator does a much better job of managing this

Question: *KoolAde* I would like to thank the NS2 team as a home user of OS2 only I appreachate the effort being put in for us, I guess we just get a little antsy
Michael: Thanks koolade

Question: *Korig* Are there plans to have FTP resume in the new versions? Has any consideration been given to bundling InterCom with NS/2?
Michael: Not sure of the FTP resume issue.
Michael: dan knows better than me
Dan: kzin: yes there is in 4.0.
Dan: (FTP resume)
Michael: NO plans to bundle intercom

Question: *Desp* Unfortunatly sending email to Progressive Networks with a mention of OS/2 just seems to get you a form letter on how to run it in Win-OS/2 :( I don't run Win-OS/2 here. The finding of a real human email address would be of great benifit
Dan: I don't know an e-mail address for Progressive. Recommend you call Progressive directly.

Question: *Joc* What plugins will be included, if any?
Michael: same plugins as 2.02

Question: *Warlocke* What do you mean that you need more info on the socks problem? This problem has been WELL documented. Will Comm/2 correct it?
Michael: I guess I don't see what you think is a problem with the socks support.

Question: *Awake* will Comm /2 be voicetype enabled?
Michael: We are working to have comm/2 voice support on parity with 2.02

Question: *Rijn* What parts of Communicator will the OS/2 Communicator have? Does IBM look at Communicator/2 as a business app or a home app?
Michael: I don't look at communicator as either. It is simply a browser
Dan: Bill says it is a "Home app and a PLATFORM for business apps"
Michael: As far as what pieces, we are working to be on par with windows, although I have said conference is not going to be there right now die to technical limitations

Question: *Le_Barman* Who is Bill?
Dan: Bill is Bill Law. He is a fellow Netscape employee. He wrote a good deal of openclass... and we give him a hard time about it. :)

Question: *DSOMber1* Can you guys tell us anything openly about future browsers for the IBM Network Station and the upcoming Bluebird project?
Michael: I can't comment on unannounced IBM products

Question: *nRij* How would a 100% Java Communictor fair in performance to a OS/2 native Communicator.
Michael: IBM is actively working on java performance. The better java performs on OS/2, the better a java based browser should perform

Question: *Asteroid* My question: what do you see as the biggest challenge for the OS/2 version of Communicator?
Michael: biggest challenge for communicator...hmmm
Michael: Trying to maintain a development schedule consistent with the windows platform while the windows product was still being developed

Question: *JoeAdmire* In spite of my "antsiness", as Koolade would put it, about the no-shutdown bug, I would also like to add my thanks for your hard work on NSN/2 and NC/2. It's no exaggeration to say that I use NS/2 every night and as long as I remember to keep Java turned off everything is copacetic - 99% of the time, anyway. :D

Question: *UncleGrim* Concerning the question asked by ShadowM0, I would like to express my distaste for Java and hope that future OS/2 development does not come only as a result of Java development.

Question: <Lord_Zirk> what is the target memory requirement for NS Communicator/2
Michael: Same as windows currently

Question: *Warlocke* The fact that if I have a sockified IP stack I must STILL specify a socks server in the NS->network options inorder to have anything like acceptable performance. I KNOW that this issue has brought to NS attention by IBM. Will Comm/2 address this?
Michael: Warlocke, we can take this offline

Question: *Rijn* Will Netscape Conference ever make it to OS/2? Will Communicator have a auto dial feature to call up while I'm at work and get my email and stuff?
Michael: No comment on future of conference right now, and as far as the auto dial goes, if windows has it we will, unless you mean the actual internet dialer which we won't have. Communicator supports offline browsing
Dan: There is an Offline and Online mode. Not sure about unattended dialing....

Moderator: Ok, to keep within the proposed 1 and a half hours of the scheduled event, we will take a few more questions and bring the official event to a close... if our guests wish to stick around after that and answer more questions, that is up to them, but the event will draw to a close in 10 minutes :)

Question: *MHA1* Please clarify - will Netscape/2 version 4.0 be Communicator/2 or is version 4 separate?
Michael: The product is Netscape Communicator for OS/2

Question: *Twkd-iD* I have noticed a significant increase in Java performace with NS4.0 in NT and Linux over NS/2 2.02. Is this related to the OS, Java runtime or NS?
Michael: I am guessing OS
Michael: But I don't know

Question: *Asteroid* What can the "ordinary" OS/2 user do most effectively (without seeming like a pest) to encourage plug-in providers to write native OS/2 versions?
Dan: Not sure what the ordinary user can do beyond politely asking the vendor to provide a plugin. The LAST thing you want to do is to be rude to them as this will just give OS/2 users a bad image and make them LESS likely to want to provide any type of support.

Question: *Le_Barman* Well, before it closes, I'd wish to thanks danda and foru2play for their answers and congrats the moderators for their good job. :)

Question: *ShadowM0* Thank you for coming to visit us, and thank you for the great product I know we all are anticipating.

Michael: Thank you guys

Question: *mandie* oh no..it's not over yet :(

Michael: I will try to get a screen shot up this weekend(no promises)...and keep an eye out on browerwatch :)

Question: At this time, the official event is over... we would like to thank our guests for coming and sharing so much with us. We would alos like to thank all who made this event possible, SofTouch Systems, our official sponmsor, Calinet Solutions, VOICE and The Undernet PR Committee

Question: if our guests would like to make a closing statement?

Michael: I just want to say thank to everyone
Michael: Keep on supporting us and we will try to deliver great products for you
Dan: Be sure to check out my page every so often for the latest updates. And please send me any news you receive about new plugins, etc. Thanks!

Moderator: Thank you, once again Dan Libby and Michael Kaply from the Netscape Communicator for OS/2 Project team. It was an honor having you at the Soundoff With... Netscape event, keep up the Great work, it's really appreciated. For any interested, logs will be available in 2 hours at http://www.gt-online.com/~tandie/soundoff.html

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