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<Moderator> Welcome to this live event This afternoon/evening we are pleased to present a very special guest to you - Illiad from www.userfriendly.org
<Moderator> Illiad is a long time undernet user who has a very popular cartoon that every day publish a new story.
<Moderator>There is a few rules for this event, first we will ask a few pre-made questions requested in our web forum and then we will allow all of you who is attending to ask your questions.
<Moderator> The chat is mirrored in here from a secret channel to avoid you all sending Illiad private messages.
<Moderator> Your questions will be relayed to the moderator who will ask them for you.
<Moderator> This channel will be closed down, so you wont be able to part and rejoin the channel during this event. we will also prevent you from changing your nickname during the event.
<Moderator> To avoid this channel from being flooded in a way to sabotage this event, the channel will be set +m to prevent any of you to say anything in the channel.
<Moderator> Undernet user committee would like to say welcome to Illiad for taking time to come and visit us.
<Moderator> Welcome! :)
<Illiad> Thank you for inviting me!
<Moderator> Can you first tell use a bit about your cartoon?
<Illiad> It started on a whim in late 1997, when I was working as the creative director at an ISP.
<Illiad> I drew two or three to start with and passed them around the office.
<Illiad> My co-workers liked what they saw, so I did more and put them on the web for easy access.
<Illiad> After about 30 of them I stopped entirely. I hadn't planned on continuing.
<Illiad> In a couple of days I received 20 emails from complete strangers telling me I had to do more.
<Illiad> So I did...then stopped again after another 30 or so days.
<Illiad> This time around I received over 100 emails, most of them very nice letters asking me to continue
<Illiad> I received one that said, "You must do more. I am a geek. I can find you ANYWHERE on this planet."
<Illiad> I took the warning to heart. :)
<Moderator> ok :)
<Moderator> we have for a few weeks allowed our users to post questions in our forum
<Moderator> so I thought we would start off by asking a few of those questions
<Illiad> Sure thing.
<Moderator> and then allow all of you who is attending to ask your.
<Moderator> <Tiggersol> I've noticed that many of your cartoons deal with the schism between sales and tech. What was your experience with the two when you started writing the comic, and what role did you play on either side?
<Illiad> I have always been the "guy in the middle." I'm not a technologist, but I'm good with technology. I'm not a marketer or salesman, but I understand what they need to do their jobs.
<Illiad> The role I played more often than not was peacemaker and, quite honestly, "translator." :)
<Moderator> <olavinho> Hi Illiad , Why do you make cartoons about Undernet or that say anything about Undernet. Do you want to help its divulgation or make it more famous so that have more users of what? Explain why is the interest on Undernet.
<Illiad> I suppose I mentioned Undernet once or twice in the cartoon because a) the very first UF channel started by the community exists there at #undernet and b) I wasn't at all impressed by the DOS attacks on a network that exists for public use at no cost to the average user. So you could say that my reasons were both personal and political.
<Moderator> <RIP> Do you make any money with your cartoons?
<Illiad> Yes, but not in the traditional manner. Most cartoonists who make any money at all are at the mercy of the newspaper syndicates. UF, being web-based -- I refuse to go the traditional syndication route and have in fact turned down two offers from two of the big syndicates -- makes it's money from two things: advertising and subscriptions. I'm really hoping we can boost the latter, because that will unshackle us from having to bow down to
<Illiad> Our bandwidth charges are, I'm sure you can imagine, enormous.
<Moderator> <cArLiLLoS> Illiad, what did you do before "userfriendly"? how has your life changed since then ? when will we see new projects from you?
<Illiad> I was the creative director for an ISP. Most of my professional life is in the creative industry. My life has changed in a couple of ways. The good way is that I've met a lot of very nice, very interesting people -- the fans. The less-than-good way is that every single day, and I do mean, every single day, I have to think about the next cartoons I'm going to do. As far as new projects, I'm working on quite a few things at the moment...
<Illiad> ...including a graphic novel with a disturbing atmosphere and premise.
<Moderator> We will try set the channel -i for a min to allow those who pinged out before to rejoin the channel
<Moderator> <roundtop> Illiad, what is this whole thing I hear about you and llamas? Also, is the character "Sid" based on anyone in real life?
<Illiad> You draw over fifteen hundred cartoons and one cartoon has a blow-up llama in it, and that's what they remember you for. Yes, Sid is based on a few people from my past when I worked with punch cards. Sid also heavily reflects a good friend of mine. :)
<Moderator> Where do you draw inspiration for your cartoons?
<Moderator> real life? friends? old co-workers?
<Illiad> Real life. You just can't make up the kind of weird things that happen in the cartoon strip. And a lot of fans send in stories and ideas to stories@userfriendly.org. Everyone is welcome to do so.
<Moderator> Which cartoon is your personal favourite?
<Illiad> Out of UserFriendly or other cartoon strip?
<Moderator> other then your own :)
<Illiad> I have three top ones: Doonesbury, Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes. Awesome, awesome work, all of them.
<Moderator> <TrIPS> Illiad: How long have you been drawing? And is userfriendly.org the way you make your living?
<Illiad> I've been doodling since I was quite young. I never took any serious art classes so my progression as an artist really has come from making mistakes and learning from them. I'm much more of a writer than an artist anyway. At the moment, yes, UF is what I do to make a living.
<Moderator> shall we let the users ask some questions now :)
<Illiad> by all means :)
<Moderator> if you want to ask a question to Illiad /msg #le-questions <your question> and we will ask Illiad
<Moderator> <sprinkler> Where or how did you come up with the idea of having your cartoons hosted on the domain userfriendly.org ? or did you own it before you started publishing your drawings on the web ?
<Illiad> I initially hosted the 'toons at my first domain, aspectus.com. After the traffic became significant, I decided to move it to a domain like userfriendly.com -- which, like .net, was already taken. So were hyphenated version. .org was left, so I grabbed that and in the spirit of .orgs and what was happening anyway, I put a chunk of effort into helping the UF community connect with one another.
<Moderator> <krumb> Hey Illiad, one question.....when are AJ and Miranda gonna get their phreak on?
<Illiad> A very good question. I suspect it'll happen when AJ finally gets his head out of his arse. :)
<Moderator> <RoMMeL> how did the name Illiad came up
<Illiad> I had to pick a name for the Quakeworld clan I was a member of, and since I did a lot of classical studies, I chose my favourite Homeric poem, The Iliad. But, I wanted a little uniqueness, so I added an extra 'l' to the name.
<Moderator> <new^guy> What was the most significant change in your IRC activity after becoming popular?
<Simba-->: Due the high amount of messages in #le-questions, it may take a while for your question to come up. Please be patient
<Illiad> I began to IRC less. Not because I'm not social, I really like interacting with the audience. It was because I noticed that it was really starting to eat into sleeping hours. One rule I've always lived by: I never, ever, ever turn away or ignore a fan. If you talk to me, I'll always welcome you. It's the fans that have made UF successful, not me.
<Moderator> <krumb> Illiad we all appreciate the work...I read it religiously....just wanted to say good job.
<Moderator> And now I know that You had some questions to the users :)
<Illiad> Thank you VERY much. I can't articulate how powerful a few words like that can be to a creator like myself. Making people smile or laugh or think is a huge reward.
<Illiad> I have three trivia questions. First correct answer for each one gets a prize mailed to them.
<Moderator> shall we ask the first, and then let them answer.
<Illiad> Triva Question #1: What was the name of Matt the Sea Urchin's girlfriend?
<Illiad> yes one at a time
<Moderator> /msg your answers to #le-interview
<Moderator> send your answers to #le-interview
<Illiad> the answer needs to be spelled correctly ;)
<Moderator> heh
<Illiad> RoundTop is close enough. :)
<Illiad> RT -- I know you so I'll contact you about it offline
<Moderator> next question :)
<Illiad> Trivia Question #2: In what way are Pitr and Cat Five the same? There are two correct answers for this, and I'll accept either.
<Moderator> sorry the channel was +n you cna now msg #le-interview again
<Illiad> krumb is the closest
<Illiad> krumb, contact me at illiad@userfriendly.org. Congrats!
<Illiad> Fragnific: either: Bad hair or using spit as gel.
<Illiad> Last Trivia Question: What chapter of Evil Geniuses for Dummies teaches one how to "hang people over shark pool and laugh with much evil!" ?
<Illiad> STeaLi0: that's cheating man :p
<Illiad> We have a winner: JoeLinux. 'Grats!
<Illiad> Joe, contact me by email as noted before. Way to go to the winners!
<Illiad> that's it from me. Over to you again magic.
<Moderator> we have a few last questions before Illiad will go back making tomorrows cartoon ;)
<Illiad> (tomorrow's is done, as are several of next week's ;))
<Moderator> Does Geekfinder really work? How many folks have told you they got employment thru your site?
<Illiad> Yes, apparently Geekfinder works very well. We've had hundreds find gainful employment through the site. Mind you, your success with the site also hinges on how well the economy is doing. While the tech market is in the tank, it'll still be difficult to find ajob even on Geekfinder, but it doesn't hurt to use it to open up your options a little more.
<Moderator> <BlakJak> Which UF character most strongly represents yourself? Im guessing AJ?
<Illiad> You're correct, it would be AJ. I'm certainly naive in some ways, and I'm a game freak like he is -- not as much with computer games as I am with wargames and paper RPGs -- but thankfully I'm better socialized around women than he is. :)
<Moderator> Have you considered adding IRC network gear to your site? Like Undernet T-shirts ?
<Illiad> I haven't considered it before, but I am now. ;)
<Moderator> Well, I think we should finish this up
<Moderator> and say congrats to the threee winners
<Moderator> and say thanks to Illiad for comming and chatting with us
<Moderator> <BlakJak> While im here.. we in #le-questions are seeing a LOT of really nice positive comments from folk.. you have a LOT of fans, everyone (including myself) admire youre work and want to say well done, and all the best for the future. I think youve really made a difference - you must be proud! Please pass on the regards of everyone currently in #liveevents to the rest of your UF Team as well.
<Illiad> And my thanks to magic and Simba and Undernet, and to everyone who attended. I have a great audience.
<Simba-->: Your welcome :) keep up the good work mate
<Illiad> Will do. It's been a real pleasure. :)
<Moderator> Have a nice evening all :-)
<Moderator> and thanks for attending.
<Moderator> a log of this event will be posted on www.undernet.org within a few days
<Moderator> and don't forget to read yoru daily comic on www.userfriendly.org
[22:23] *** X sets mode: +o magic
[22:23] *** X sets mode: +o Simba--
[22:23] *** magic sets mode: -sm
<Simba--> :)
<Simba--> thanks all for attending.
<Simba--> Check out www.undernet.org for more news on upcoming events :)

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