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Everyone is welcome in #undernet.

This is a Network channel - we want it to grow. Bring your friends - everyone can join.

#undernet is a User-com project. The Undernet User Committee has agreed to maintain it as a central channel for all Undernet users to meet, hang-out and chat.


0. Don't ask for ops, voice, modes, kicks, bans, kills, glines, o/O:lines, ilines, etc. Ever!

1. Always treat other people as you would want to be treated.

2. #Undernet is an international channel, speak English, so that everyone can understand you. People can say a few lines in their own language, but not for pages and pages. No extensive solo rants.

3. Your language reflects who you are. No slanderous or discriminatory language, including racial slurs. Respect yourself and others.

4. No sex/drugs/warez/asl - keep talk family-rated at all times.

5. No Unapproved bots

6. No clones

7. No flooding

8. No fighting

9. If your actions affect other users, be the first to apologize. Make things right.

10. Do not use personal or client scripts which interfere with the operation of the channel - this means no in-channel away messages, /amsg, or reactive scripts.

11. Ops are responsible for reading and knowing the contents of this page, which may be updated at times. If you don't know the policies of the channel, don't op.

12. Do not change, set, or modify modes or access for other users. Let people op/voice themselves. To be more clear, do not voice people who are not in X's access list, except if the channel is (emergency) moderated.

13. We have 'strictop' set, so that only authorized users who are channel members, can be opped in #undernet.

14. Channel access is for those who are known to the managers.

15. If there is someone whom you feel should have access added to, or removed from #undernet, please speak to a 450+ member.


1. If you set a ban, use the least restrictive ban, (or channel mode), that you can. Carefully consider whether the ban you set will affect just a few or thousands of other users and channel members.

2. Set bans in X, channel bans should be removed by you. A ban reason should state: 1. the current nick of the offender, if he changes, put more than one, or add etc. 2. A reason for the ban. Use clear language and don't use obscenities. it should state: "used foul language", "ban evading", "in unacceptable channels", or a similar reason.

3. Ban length should be in minutes, hours, or days, (minimum ban in X is 5 minutes). Do not set bans for longer than 1 week unless you are a 425 or above. Contact a 450+ op if you feel a ban longer than 7 days should be set.

4. Setting bans for 100d or with foul language, will result in loss of access.


If someone needs help, there are #userguide, #class and other fine Undernet channels such as #windows to direct them to.

IRC is an excellent place to help others. Demonstrate your excellent behavior and helping skills, you may be rewarded.

Bring your friends - everyone can join. Try not to say 'join here' but say Join #undernet too!

As with other Undernet channels, you can be removed for any or no reason. If you have problems please mail user-com@undernet.org

Thank you for being an Undernet user! We love your company ;-)

Play nice!

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