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Welcome to #Userguide!
Our project/channel, #Userguide, is built on and around helping users with questions about CService, Undernet, IRC, computers, viruses, basically anything that is computer help related they may have questions on. Our project is run solely by trained, dynamic and dedicated volunteers, awakening the best in each individual in the project/channel in order to make #Userguide more than just another help channel. Through current channel volunteers, through the proper recruitment and training of new helpers, each with their individual talents and unique personalities, creates a useful help channel on the Undernet, where you will never be turned away with your questions.
By our select recruiting and training, designed to motivate our helpers to achieve beyond their best, we aim to give you, the users, the answers you seek when asking for help and assistance in our channel until you, the users are satisfied. Here in #Userguide, we want to create a highly accurate, stable, dependable and user friendly atmosphere, while still building a team of the best helpers on the Undernet, where questions are listened to and answered in a timely, friendly, and correct manner always. By setting such an example in our channel and our representation of and around Undernet, we hope to earn your trust and convince you that you can always come to #Userguide to get the proper answers that you seek, and people there waiting to help you.
We invite you to connect to the Undernet and type /join #Userguide and then feel free to ask any questions that you have. Never be afraid to ask any question in our channel. If you feel you need further assistance or wish to join our team, you may email us at uc-recruit@undernet.org, or you can follow the links to the left and explore more of our site. On our site, you can learn more about our channel and its philosophy see pictures of the project members, get help with IRC in documents, help FAQ’s, learn how to join our channel and so much more.
You can also discover other IRC-related resources, learn about our channel bot, and explore some of the User Committee’s other web sites. Also, if you’d like to help out in the channel, check out our volunteer page, send us an email, and start participating in the userguide or one of our many other projects. We welcome anyone who has a genuine desire to learn and want to be productive in our project/channel and most importantly help Undernet’s users.

About the User Committee
The Undernet User Committee is a group of users that volunteer their time to try to improve the Undernet. The committee covers a vast amount of territory, from conducting educational classes and improving documentation to holding special events and helping and training people online. If you would like to put some effort into the network, or if you have a suggestion that you think would improve the quality of IRC, please contact the committee at user-com@undernet.org.

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