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About Our Channel
#Userguide was started many years ago as a project/committee of Undernet’s User-Com, as a means for users to get the kind of help they needed regarding the questions that arise from IRC, new technology and for those new to computers and IRC. We have staffed the room with knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and dynamic User-Committee members, all volunteers who dedicate and donate their time to provide the help users seek of answers, from the most advanced IRC and computer related questions, down to the simplest questions.
They help them to the best of their abilities or point them in the right direction to get the answers they seek promptly and correctly to their satisfaction. So, if you find yourself in need of help, have questions about the Undernet and/or the User Committee(s), or are curious about upcoming events, please join us If you are joining #userguide for the first time you may also want to read our rules.
We look forward to seeing you on the channel.
We also are always looking to find competent, knowledgeable people with a real want to help others and contribute to the project(s) of User-Com, to join our staff and become a part of Userguide as we continue to make it a better project and grow productively. If you want to learn how to be helper in our channel you can visit our volunteer page.

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