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Channel Members Biographies
Many of our channel members have chosen to include short biographies, email and web addresses, and even photos.

A full member listing is also available. Enjoy!
Hello, i am Sam (Samtasticly known as AchA or Soldja :P)... I live in Beirut, in Lebanon. I am 30 yo and on undernet since early 1998.. I am an Information Technology Manager for 2 schools, i also teach freshmen Basic Computer concept for High school students.
Most things that i enjoy doing in life are practicing my martial arts, reading and surfing the net, playing with kids and children, and play tough basketball games...
I really admire Soldiers and Samurai philosophy of life, i think that everyone of us should be following these steps in order to get a decent life and gain respect of people.
On IRC, I am a user-com member helper in #userguide which also means that i am helping all Undernet.

A good Ol` Missouri country boy, that.s here when User-Com people need me and more important, when users or anyone needs me with questions, tasks or help.
To me there is now such thing ever as a stupid question as that is my motto here. I can talk to a fence post at any time, so I can safely say, I.m here for help to anybody that wishes to talk or who needs or wants my help.
I.m proud to have been a part of this team for the last 10+ years and see many more years in my future. :o)

My name is George V. and I live in Focsani , Romania . I'm 19 years old and I don't love girls who lose their time on the internet.
Like many others, I have had numerous hobbies and interests throughout my life that seem to change with the times. A few of the more important are:
Early Years: football.one of my favourite game, I played for a local team called "Unirea Focsani" for 2 years.just for fun :D Another game which I loved to practice it is 'ping-pong', must mention I'm good at this game; -Wanna be my victim?!
Modern Times: permission to drive cars, still playing football in my free time with some friends on special arena. Just to inform you all I'm a future cop :)
About my experience on IRC?! Yeah. first time when I used mIRC it was around 2001, exactly in March when I celebrated my birthday, on 13(lucky day) -I'm a fish-. Since 2003 I'm using unix.
My favorite music, well.. rap/dance/R&B but usually I'm listening to radio21!
Ok.. you can find me on #UserGuide with nickname Blade if you want to know more about me! Have fun ;-)

I'm a mom and grandmother, my hobbies are cooking, taking care of my husband and family, and IRC where I love helping people. I live in Georgia, U.S.A.
My husband retired as an Engineer, our son is a Linux expert.
I came to Undernet in 2000 or so, after the attacks on Undernet sent people scurrying to find shelter on other less wonderful networks, I followed some friends back and stayed. Undernet has been my 'home' since then.
My husband and I Advocate for people with Autism Spectrum and other Disabilities.
We do Americans With Disabilites Act (ADA) Advocacy and Parent/Family Advocacyfor people dealing with the Child "protective" System.
You can find me on #Userguide most days/nights (I'm a night-owl).

Age: 19
Hobbies : Experimenting with Computer Security in my little lab, Dj Mixer, Hip-Hop Dancing.
Work: Computer Security Counselor.

Hi everyone. My name is Vlad Ionut and I live in Iasi, Romania. I'm 20 years old and I'm student at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University from Iasi, Geography department.
I've joined Undernet in 2004 - 2005 because I wanted to make some new friends from all over the world.. so I've joined this network just for chat. Later I discovered some help channels like #cservice, #helpchan, #assistance and #userguide. It was something new for me.. and I must say that I've learned a lot of new things about IRC & computers related problems.
Userguide seemed to me the best help channel @ Undernet because here I met a great atmosphere.. people that are happy to assist guests with all kind of answeres.
About private life I could say that I like very much to travel, I like geography, basketball, boxing. Also I like people who know what respect, honour, trust and justice are. I like to love.. and I consider love the most beautiful thing in the world. Oh.. and I have to mention that I'm a Trance music addict. :D

My hobbies include cars, foreign languages, photography, traveling, going out with my friends and, of course, computers/Internet/IRC.
If you feel the need to contact me just join #UserGuide - you can always find me here when online.

She has a daughter, she lives with her partner in Ottawa and she did some coding for the undernet ircd.

Hiya! Well now, since I was "forced" to tell some words about me I thought I should give it a try :o)
So, my real name is Dragos Gabriel and as you probably noticed already I am Romanian. I live in Constanta and work as a sales assistant. In my free time I like to hang online, to get in town and have a good time.
About sports now ... I was a basketball player for 3 years, I think that.s one of the reasons I'm 1.90m high :o) I also love water, even if I'm not a good swimmer hehe.
Now what ? Ah yes, you probably wonder how I first got on IRC (undernet) right ? I joined "the underworld" some years ago, I think it was late 2000 or 2001 and even since I got a high spirit of chatting, helping and teasing *G*. I officially joined this gang few months ago (in june 2007) and I'm bloody proud of it ! :o)
So I think that.s about it lads, that.s my story. Do you want to find out more about me and my teammates from #UserGuide ? Join our squad !

Hello Doctors, my name is Frank, I am a systems engineer, and I enjoy helping people. I am used to find out a way to solve problems and I see every problem as a new opportunity.
Have been joining undernet for a long long long time and I got great friends from it. Usually I am at #userguide so if you need help, hope to see you around.

Hi friends!
My name is Dietrich from Belgium. I.m 24 now (I think:p). I first came on Undernet some 10 years ago when I just started to find out how that internet exactly worked, and stuck around for quite a long time back then.
But then circumstances as some call it made me leave computers for a while and here I am, alive and sticking! I love chatting and helping out where possible. It.s a great way to meet new people, have fun and learn extra things yourself. Other passions, for as time permits it, are photography, piano, a bit of jogging to keep in shape and just hanging out with friends. If you like to have a chat, msg me, my door is always open!

Hello everybody! My name is Laurentiu ( aka. Lawrence ). I am from Romania/Focsani and I'm 24 years old.
I like very much webdesign (which i practice it too), irc scripting and mixing music - I am a DJ too.
I like old music, 90's especially. If You want to know a man/woman, "take a look" to what he/she is listening. Thats one way to find out more about a person.
About #Userguide - I love this team!

Hey! I live in Iasi/Romania and I was born in 1988. Currently I am a student and I am planning to travel in the near future. Besides hanging on IRC, I also like traveling, sports and socializing with all kinds of people around the world.
I joined this project in the first place due to the people I met in here and that.s why I.m still here now. Some of them are great real life friends.
I don.t usually talk much about myself so I.m out of ideas; catch me online to find out more about me..

My name's Marco, and I live in a little town near to Florence, in Italy. I am 34 yo and on undernet since early 2001..
I was brought online by a few friends, loved it and I never left IRC from then.
I am single at the moment, so no wives/girlfriends/no kids, and in real life.
I am a pctechnician... I also work as a teacher in a pair of martial arts schools.
On undernet I'm a helper in #userguide, I give a hand in #class when needed and I often translate documents (usually from English to Italian. but I am trying to learn Romanian too).

magic has been on undernet since 1996, been an operator in #mirc since 1997.
He founded the first undernet virus help channel #dmsetup and has been the undernet's webmaster since 2000.
magic has been an undernet IRC Operator and Administrator since 2001.

Hi Undernetians! This is my story.. it will go as I want to, or it will end right here.
MartYanu2 lives in Romania, Bucharest, the coordonates 44º 24′48.61" NORD 26º06′27.49" EST.
He is an Reggaeton artist, working at first album, working in 2 studios as ingineer of internet department.
He is at high-school, without frecquency, has a beloved fiancée, living for the moment with his folks, and in the rest of the time with his big love.

MartYanu2 aka Featured.

Hey peeps! My name is Patrick James Earle, i'm living in Quebec, Canada and I'm 16 years old.
I'm actually in grade 4 at the highschool. Yeah of course, I'm a frenchy canadian! What am I doing when I'm not on IRC? Well, I'm playing hockey and of course, I have lots of work to do for school.
I'm on Undernet since 2003, and since then, I'm hanging on into help channels to guide the users. Well, that's all for me! Cheers!


Greetings Earthlings! I am Danny and is a pleasure to see that someone is reading my biography ;)
I was born in Constanta, Romania. I don't think age is so important so I'll just tell you that I enjoy sports in general very much, from watching a football/basketball/tennis game to real playing them.
I enjoy listening to good music, taking long walks on the beach (especially on night) and chilling with my friends (on IRC or in real life).
As for my favorite quote, it is taken from a poem: George Cosbuc - Moartea lui Fulger - and it goes like this:
"Nu cerceta aceste legi
Ca esti nebun cand le-ntelegi!
Din codru rupi o ramurea,
Ce-i pasa codrului de ea!
Ce-i pasa unei lumi intregi
De moartea mea!"

P.S: The quote sounds too great in Romanian to be translated in English or other language :D
No pic :D I don't want to scare users :))

Real name: Gaman Cosmin Toma
Age: 25
Personal website: www.gaman.eu

Hello. My name is Madalina and I live in Focsani, Romania.
My hobbies are spending time with my close ones in real life or over the Internet, helping in #userguide, music and visiting new places. I'm one random person, that loves life.
See you all on #Userguide.

Hello , My Name Is Ciprian. I was born and I live in Romania ....I`m 21 years old. I use mIRC since 2003 and i like very much to talk with new people and to make new friends.
I like very much to play games, to walk with my beautiful girl friend and to work to make money.
I like very very very much to help users from undernet and that i`ll do untill i`ll quit undernet server.
Best Regards for all from Varsatorul

I am 48 years old and presently living in beautiful South Dakota, USA.
I was born in Spain, came to the states when I was 2.
I spend too much time on IRC and admit to being an addict. I also love camping, being outdoors, and reading. I don't feel like I am older than anyone else on here just more years. I learn daily while I am on #Userguide. Seems like someone always comes up with something new. That is part of the fun of a channel which will handle almost any computer related topic.

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