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Connecting with an IRC client
To connect to IRC on a network (e.g. Undernet), you will need to download and install an IRC client capable of running on your system. The listing below provides links to clients appropriate for Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and other operating systems.
mIRC Homepage (http://www.mirc.co.uk)
Pirch Homepage (http://www.pirch.com)

Ircle Homepage (http://www.ircle.com)
ShadowIRC Homepage (http://www.shadowirc.com/)

UNIX systems
BitchX Homepage (http://www.bitchx.org)
Epic Homepage (http://www.epicsol.org/)
ircII Homepage (http://www.eterna.com.au/ircii/)
irsii Homepage (http://www.irssi.org/)
KVIrc Homepage (http://www.kvirc.net/)
X-Chat Homepage (http://www.xchat.org/)

Undernet webchat page (http://www.undernet.org/webchat.php)

Other Operating Systems and Additional Clients
Browse this site: http://www.valinor.sorcery.net/clients/

Installing an IRC client is easy. If you need help, look over the homepage for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), read the help files or ask help from a friend. Once you downloaded and installed your client properly, you will want to connect to an Undernet server. You can check out a full listing of servers or connect to a random server. To connect to a random server in the United States, type /server us.undernet.org in your IRC client. To connect to a European server, type /server eu.undernet.org in your client. If you have trouble connecting to a random server, try some of the servers on the server listing.
If you have any questions or need help after connecting to IRC, just type /join #UserGuide to ask for help. It will be a pleasure for us to give answers to your questions! You can also email user-com@undernet.org.

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