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User-com's Games !

This section hosts games such as words scrambled, crosswords, puzzles and more, containing various levels, from beginner to advanced.

On your browser, you can click on the menu File and choosse the option Print to print the games, or you can click on the game of your choice with your right side mouse button and choose the option Save image as... to save them.
Enjoy them and have fun!

I. Two Stages Game:
   A. Word Scramble
   B. Word Search (using the word scramble answers)

II. Find The Missing Word Games:
   A. Internet Terms
   B. mIRC Commands Part I
   C. mIRC Commands Part II

III. Cross Words:
   A. Acronyms and Abbreviations
   B. Websites @ Internet Relay Chat

IV. Puzzle Game

V. All Mixed Up Games:
   A. Mixed Game #1
   B. Mixed Game #2
   C. Mixed Game #3
   D. Mixed Game #4

    All the games in this page are submitted by Undernet User Committee (User-Com) volunteers as independent individuals.
This page is to be considered as a mean of entertainment and it is not directed, maintained or controlled by the Undernet's servers, their sponsors or their employees and staff.
Any claim of copyright infringement, suggestion or comment should be emailed to: user-com@undernet.org

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