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Guidelines for helpers
We ask that all channel helpers follow the guidelines described below. *Note . We specifically ask that if you are not an official helper or trainee in our channel that you DO NOT answer user questions for any reason! This is a policy we are strict with and doing so may result in a kick or ban from our channel. If you wish to observe and see how things are done, we have no problem with you watching and learning, but we train our members and helpers on a strict basis, therefore the reason we ask that you only observe till told otherwise.
  1. Channel visitors must be treated with utmost respect and always in a courteous manner at ALL times. Helpers will be patient and understanding and will allow users to ask questions without feeling embarrassed in ANY way. Anything done other than listed here will not be tolerated, for the users and their questions come first with us here to help them.

  2. Though chatting in the channel has always been allowed, users questions are our first priority. All idle chat should cease when a user joins the channel and needs assistance, then once all users have been answered no more questions have been posed to the room, chat between everyone in the channel may then resume.

  3. Helpers are expected to welcome users to the channel as they enter personally and politely ask them if we can be of or need any assistance. Popups and other prewritten messages will not be used to accomplish this.

  4. Channel members should work toward creating a strong sense of community in the channel to make everyone feel welcome at ALL times. This also helps between the members, plus keeps animosity down for a more productive channel and project.

  5. Members will NOT be oped unless they are awake. Too many times users come in asking questions, usually of an op'd person first and if they don't answer, because they are away it looks bad for the channel like nobody cares.

  6. Members should be voiced only if they are at their computer. Again, to show activity in the channel from helpers/members when users enter and ask questions and nobody is there to answer them.

  7. Members should devoice/deop if they are going to be idle for any length of time and follow the channels idle rules at all times. That is why this rule is in place for everyone.

  8. Detached BNC's should not be in the channel, needs something more here, but when I tried wording it, it just didn't sound right, someone else try giving a small explanation of a detached bnc and why it's not allowed that works better.

  9. We welcome all the users who are willing to learn to stay and observe in the channel. But please do not make #UserGuide an idling channel or you'll might find yourself removed from the channel for idling. You are always welcome back when you have returned to the keyboard.

  10. Helpers should not be made to feel embarrassed directly in the channel if they provide an incorrect answer to a user's question. Please message the helper and explain nicely, what the answer should be, so that the helper can go back to the user and explain it differently, never do this in the open channel, for nobody likes to be corrected like this in front of others, it is embarrassing, plus this is how we all learn new things at the same time.

  11. If the answer to the question can not be determined, do not leave the user hanging. Always offer an alternative way the user could find the answer, then stay in contact with said user till they get what they came after and go away feeling like that have actually been helped in the proper manor wanting to return over and over, then tell others about coming to us for help.

  12. Helpers should use common sense when warning. kicking, or banning users and handling various situations in the channel. Again, always be polite until you can't be polite anymore. If you are unsure whether a kick or ban is necessary, ask another op/member what they think in private you should do, before doing anything rashly in anger, making the user not want to come back. This promotes them telling others we aren't good helpers causing others to not come to our channel.

  13. Colors, various control codes, extended characters, and automatic away messages should not be used excessively while in the channel.

  14. Our channel is not good place to meet server operators and become an oper. If you.d like to pursue this goal, please do so elsewhere, for that is not our way to help with these things. We're here solely to help the users, we will not tolerate those here for gain only. In fact very little places on Undernet people looking for gain only.

  15. Have fun, and enjoy helping out, for a visit of users and members alike should ALWAYS result to everyone in a positive, helpful reaction when coming to our channel. *Just remember* One person turned away badly will tell ten people how awful things here are, but one helped, will not tell as many, but hopefully will tell some and also return themselves for help in the future as they were helped happily, and beyond just sufficiently.

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