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Our Channel Philosophy
Visitors to the channel will be treated politely and in a courteous manner. #Userguide helpers should be patient and understanding. Users have the right to ask questions without being embarrassed.
User questions are our first priority. However, you will find topics ranging from the weather to Undernet issues being discussed on the channel during slow times. Feel free to join us even if you don't have a question. We'd be glad to have you!
We try and keep the use of colors and sounds limited because not every client supports it. We'd also appreciate visitors not running any script that warns, kicks, or bans automatically. We get a lot of new folks that may not understand why those things are happening to them.
#Userguide is a growing channel, so there may be times when there are no helpers available to assist users. We are encouraging new helpers to become a part of the project and we will respond to any questions we receive via email at uc-recruit@undernet.org.
Our channel members will work towards creating a sense of community in the channel. We should be helpful to all IRC users and channel helpers alike, as we work towards building a strong relationship with the Undernet community as a whole.

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