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:: Mentors & Trainees :: Class Log ::

The purpose of #UG_Training is to bring users into the training process, also known as "trainees", the chance to meet new people from the User Committee such as current UserGuide members. It is also a place where you can ask questions and tricks to the more experienced volunteers. #UG_Training is the channel where you can get assistance when you don't know an answer to a users' question or you can't help him/her because of the different language.

Here are some guidelines to follow when you are in #UG_Training:

1. Detached BNCs can be in the channel since idle is permitted but remember that the first goal of the channel is to discuss about the training.
2. Our channel is not a good place to meet server operators and become an oper. If you'd like to pursue this goal, please do so elsewhere.
3. Colors, various control codes, extended characters, and automatic away messages should not be used excessively while in the channel.

Some guidelines have been taken from the #UserGuide official website. Changes may apply without warning.

     If you have questions or comments regarding this channel please contact SantaCruz, Letal or e-mail the list directly:
uc-recruit@undernet.org (protection against spam).

:: Mentors & Trainees :: Class Log ::

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