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UserGuide Bot Usage Manual

Last Update: February, 2008

Hello, Undernet users! My name is UserGuide, and some people say that I am the sexiest and the smartest bot around this IRC network. ;o). I have a lot of information stored in my databases. Yes! I have two data banks: a dynamic one and a static one. Now, let me explain how you folks can benefit from the stuff I have stored inside.

A. The dynamic data bank

This data bank is designed in such way that it can be updated in a heartbeat. I can delete, modify and add the topics in here 24 hours a day. So, if you have any pertinent suggestion to make or if you spot a broken link or typo, feel free to email me at userguide@undernet.org and I will do what it takes to please you as fast as botly possible.

Now, how can you access this data bank? It's quite simple. There are only two commands you need to know in order to be able to surf it without problems. The first command to use is:

/msg UserGuide UserGuide topics

I will show you a list of the existing topics. If you see a TOPIC that interests you and want to expand it, just use the second command:

/msg UserGuide UserGuide TOPIC

Here's an example. If you want to know more about IRC server errors, just type:

/msg UserGuide UserGuide server error

B. The static data bank

In this data bank I have stored topics that are not likely to change soon. This database is a bit more difficult to update as it is built on a well-defined structure and order and is not as flexible as the dynamic one I have mentioned above.
However, any suggestions are more than welcome, so feel free to email me at userguide@undernet.org anytime you have one. I'll see what I can do.
Using this data bank is as simple as using the dynamic one. All you need are two commands. The first command to use is:

/msg UserGuide genhelp

I will give you a list with the existing topics. These topics are numbered from 1 to 34. If you are interested in a topic just input the second command:

/msg UserGuide NUMBER

In this case, NUMBER is the numeric character that precedes the topic. For example, if you want to know more about worms, viruses, exploits and trojans, just type:

/msg UserGuide 31

To make things easier for you, considering that this data bank is the static one, I will give you the list of the topics obtained when using the genhelp command. Here they are:

   1. What is IRC?
   2. What is an IP address and how can I find the IP of someone?  
   3. How can I find out the nick of someone, knowing the IP?
   4. How can I hide my IP?
   5. Can I register a nickname?
   6. How do I register a username?
   7. How can I register a channel?
   8. The Undernet special modes: +x and +r
   9. Channel modes
  10. User modes
  11. How to change my ident?
  12. Control codes
  13. IRC abreviations
  14. What is PING?
  15. CTCP and it's options
  16. What is a netsplit?
  17. What are server ops?
  18. What is a nick collision kill?
  19. Ignore/unignore
  20. Away message
  21. What is an IRC operator?
  22. Other server lines
  23. Finding IRCops
  24. What is a gline/kline?
  25. DCC problems
  26. Protecting from floods
  27. mIRC scripting
  28. What is a shell?
  29. What is a BNC?
  30. IRC Bots
  31. Worm, virus, exploit and trojan help
  32. What is a proxy server?
  33. Webpages
  34. Contact/mailing lists

In the end I would like to specify that you can obtain a short version of these instructions online by using the command:

/msg UserGuide UserGuide USAGE

Thank you for having the patience to listen me and I'll catch up with all of you online!

By the way... Have fun while playing with me!! ;o)

Copyright 2008 - Undernet User Committee
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