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Volunteer in Our Channel
We are always looking for new helpers! However we are quite selective in choosing new helpers in our channel. Users that want to help in our channel need to complete a complex training program before being allowed to do so. People interested in helping out are asked to do the things listed below. It is necessary to complete these tasks before helping in the channel; we ask that new helpers complete the following things within a week or so of joining.
  1. Send us some mail! Email uc-recruit@undernet.org and tell us about yourself, including your name, nickname, GMT and why you would like to help in the channel.

  2. Review and follow our guidelines for channel helpers. If you canít take the time to do this, then you should think twice about joining our staff.
  3. Sit in #Userguide, meet all the helpers, and watch how users are assisted. Remember not to help until you complete the training.
  4. Complete all the steps in training.
Thanks for having an interest with helping out in the channel. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at uc-recruit@undernet.org. We are looking forward to see you in #Userguide!
* Please understand that we are currently not accepting new helpers in our channel and we also do not know when our applications will re-open. You are free to hang around in the channel for the purpose of learning, but you may not help. Again, we are not accepting any new helpers currently.

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