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UUS - Undernet User Script

About Our Project

The Undernet User Script is a project that creates scripts for various IRC clients, specifically for use with the Undernet IRC network. Our first supported client will be mIRC versions 6 and 7 but other clients (and other OSes) will be added in the future.


  • Advanced flood protection (from channel and personal floods)
  • Channel disruption protection (colors, caps, swearing, etc)
  • Tight integration with Undernet's Channel Services
  • Support for Undernet's new +D and +r modes
  • Away system
  • Process list (Full list of running processes, having kill option)
  • "Delayed Paste" for delaying large (or small, for that matter) text pastes to avoid excess flooding
  • Filtered web-channel list (New feature made to prevent flooding yourself when listing channels)
  • And those are only a couple features, you will see them all live in the script.


  • 2011/01/01 Undernet User Script is WAY more easier to install now - See changelog. (You can install within seconds)
  • 2010/11/04 MartYanu2 changes topic to 'We're glad to announce that Undernet User Script v1.2.1 has been released. - Ideas, suggestions, bugs at uus@undernet.org'
  • 2010/06/16 (@MartYanu2) Hehe, seems it took us double to release our initial release version according the plan, but, now... You can get it! Here's the downloads page
    Hope you enjoy it and we are waiting feedbacks! Have fun :-) Erm, and...don't judge us too hard, it's only the beginning :o)

    • 2010/02/17 (@MartYanu2) Seems there was almost two year pause for this project, but we'd like to let you know we are working for the new script. In maximum two months you will have something you can play with. And we mean it!
    • 2008/06/14 - The UUS project re-opens for business!

    If you have questions about the script, feel free to email us at u u s [at] undernet.org. And no, We are not currently accepting new project members.